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Why Should You Choose Drivantage

As an instructor or owner of a school you might be asking Why should I choose Drivantage?

Here are a few things to consider.


  • Whether you have a site and show up first on searches or you don't have a site, you will benefit from our SEO.
  • Users will not only see you on search engine results, but they will find the locations searches on our site.

Free Features

Our Upcoming Features

  • Scheduling - add appointments for all of your instructors. Turn this tooling into a profit center by taking advantage of online booking.
  • Students will be able to print invoicing.
  • Payments - you will be able to take payment from students.
    • When setting up packages you will be able to add taxation and even discounts.

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  • We promise not to spam you. We will only send you information that is important to you.
  • We promise to listen to what our customers are saying. We are small but we are not a black-box, your voice will be heard.
  • We promise to resolve issues in a timely manner. No one likes waiting; we will do our best to resolve your issues ASAP.
  • We promise to keep you in the loop, whether this means communicating to you about an issue you have or about features we are planning.

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