Frequently Asked Questions


What are some of the benefits of having an instructor account?
  • Claim and manage your locations
  • Manage services such as behind the wheel training
  • Manage packages, which are bundles of services with pricing included
  • Manage vehicles
  • Manage your student users
  • View analytics
What are the steps involved in creating an instructor account?
  • In the header choose 'Sign In>Sign Up' or in the footer 'Sign Up'
  • On the sign up page choose 'Instructor' and click 'Continue'
  • Fill out the form and click 'Continue'
  • The next step will use the email from the previous step so you only need to provide your password and click 'Sign Up'
  • After signing up Drivantage will verify your credentials
  • After verification you will receive an email stating you are verified and you will be able to claim locations you use/own
What if I log in before my instructor account is verified?

You will not be able to claim any location or perform any actions the DSM.

What is the turn-around time for verification?

Usually 2 days but this depends on communication between our parties.

Why isn't a location claimed after I click 'Sign In' or 'Sign up' on a location page?

Simply signing up or signing in will not claim the location for you. If you are verified you will see a button that says 'Claim This Location'. Clicking this button is the only way to claim a location. After claiming a location you will see it has been added to your locations in the DSM.


How does my school sign up for an account?

When you sign up for an instructor account and you are approved we will create a school account for you and your other employees.

Why should my school sign up for an account?

This is great exposure for your business. We will take the data you provide and make it available to the most popular search engines. That way when a customer goes to one of the formentioned search sites and looks for your site the chance are better they will get the information they need.